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Here you can buy advertising on Torch. We currently support banner advertisements, and the generated returns on these adverts are very high compared to other services. Your ads will be shown to several thousand people per day.

For simplicity, we use a very standard ranking system to list the ads on the homepage of the website. Instead of using obscure algorithms that make it hard to understand when your ad will be displayed, our system makes it incredibly simple! Adverts that pay more will be ranked higher on the listing. If you want to boost the position of your advert and make it appear higher on the page, all you need to do is pay more for your ads.

Advertising Stats

We are the largest search engine that indexes Tor on the darknet. Simply put, there are no better options for advertising your website than our ad program! In the past week, the adverts on our website received a collective 6,287,731 views and 33,284 clicks.