About Torch (Tor Search)

Welcome to Tor Search, also known as Torch for short! We are the largest darknet onion scraper on the entire Internet. We have over 2 million websites indexed in our database, with more being indexed every single day.

Our search engine is completely uncensored, and we do not comply will any requests from law enforcement agencies to censor particular websites or queries. We respect your autonomy to search any website you want, and we won't get in the way! If it exists, you can search for it here.

For website operators, there is no need to submit your website to us for indexing. If it exists, our scraper will find it. There is no way to stop this indexing, and our scraper does not obey robots.txt. All websites will be indexed.

For advertisers, we support adverts on our website. You can buy advertising space by going here